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Important Regulations

 Campus Copyright Guidance

1. As long as people copy the whole book, no matter in separate times or in direct one time, they violate the law of copyright.

2. Any sound or video recording of the content of the speech is required to obtain the speaker’s assent.

3. While writing masters’ or doctoral dissertation, students are asked to quote others’ works in a reasonable range as well as indicate the source of each quotation.

4. Spreading deciphering software or program, or asking clerk to input illegal software while buying new computers are both violable to the law of copyright.

5. To have a better understanding toward licensed range of campus licensed software and further comply with the rules.

6. Downloading computer programs under the protection of copyright is illegal. If one transgresses the reasonable range, he needs to obtain the obligee’s consent.

7. Even though cyber-essays are non-commercial, one still needs to obtain copyright owner’s assent and to apply in a reasonable range.

8. Even with the code, to duplicate, spread or transmit works without copyright owner’s consent through FTP, P2P or Network Neighborhood violates the law of copyright.