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Intellectual property rights promotion lecture (1):introduction of trademark rights

Intellectual property rights promotion lecture(1)

一、       organizer:National Sun Yat-Sen University Office of Library and Information Services

二、       Title:Introduction of trademark rights

三、        Lecturer:li-yi-zhun Judge speech(Taiwan qiao-tou District Court)

四、       Time:2016/10/26/(Wed)Morning10:00-12:00

五、       Time:Office of Library and Information Services Buliding 2nd floor Seminar room

六、       Participant:staff and students:staff and students

七、       Registration deadline:From now until the registration is full(50People)

八、       Contact person:Office of Library and Information Services Integrated Business Group lin-yi-xuan (Extension2462)


This course offers 2 hours of study time. Welcome to register!


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