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National Sun Yat-sen University Campus Network Traffic Regulations in Teaching Area

National Sun Yat-sen University Campus network traffic regulations in teaching area

一、 According to Article 5(4) of the "Regulations for the Use of Campus Networks", "The network traffic should be properly separated and controlled."

二、 TANET prioritizes teaching research for teaching research. In order to ensure the use of the Internet for normal teaching and research purposes, users of non-teaching research web users are required to control the amount of internet usage.

三、 The campus teaching area accesses TANET traffic from and out of the network. The principle is that the total flow of all IP nodes entering and leaving the campus does not exceed 7 GBytes per day. Excessive users of violating the limitation will be handled as follows:

    1. Announce the IP and usage units on the school website, and send an email over-delivery notification to the network administrators

    2. For those who exceed three days in a row, they may notify the user's immediate supervisor or their sponsoring professor or tutor to request counseling or to suspend their online usage rights; if the user misappropriates the IP and then uses it illegally, they will use it in violation of the regulations.

    3. If the total usage exceeds 10GBytes on the same day, they may be suspended at any time to protect their Internet use rights to protect the external bandwidth of the campus network.

四、If the above network traffic exceeds this amount, and it is for normal teaching and research. Ask the teacher to register with the school network center.

五、 If illegal Internet users are found, such as establishing pornographic FTP sites, they will be handed over to school teachers and their respective supervisors in accordance with school regulations.

六、 If there are any unfinished matters in this regulation, the announcement may be amended according to the actual situation.

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